How to Have a Wildly Successful Home Renovation


Are you considering a renovation and want to give it a go without the help of a professional designer? I have put together a list of tips to help you have a WILDLY successful renovation on your own! It does not have to be a painful process, in fact, it can be an enjoyable one if you make sure you follow these tips. Experience is a big teacher and I learned all of these from experience.

  1. HAVE A BUDGET.  This is number one and in all caps for a reason.  Make sure you have a budget and follow it!  Costs can quickly get out of hand so make sure you have priced everything upfront.
  2. Along with the budget thought, Make sure you budget at least 10% for unexpected scenarios that may (probably will) come up.  IE…..Rotten subfloor, leaks in weird places, having to move AC vents, hole patching….etc.
  3. Have a priority list.  This circles back to the budget.  When you have a priority list it ensures you get the changes you most wanted before you have reached your budget max!
  4. Get 3 quotes from 3 different subcontractors.  Ask for referrals from any subcontractors you interview.   Referrals from friends is a good way to find great work without the scariness of the unknown contractor.
  5. Never pay 100% upfront to subcontractors.  Try a 30% down, 30% midway and 40% upon a walk through and completion.
  6. Get everything in writing from the contractor you have chosen.  This makes everyone more comfortable!
  7. Have an overall vision for the renovation.  You can do this through mood boards and design folders.  With technology today it is easier and less scary than ever to do your own project.  There are literally millions of projects online to help you decide what you like and how it will look when complete. and are two of my favorites. 
  8. Measure and layout templates for furniture.  You are in this beautiful massive showroom and have found the perfect sofa (so you think).  It looks like it will fit so you buy it only to have it delivered and it swallows the room.  ALWAYS take into consideration room height, walkways around the new piece, other furniture that will be in the space.  Low ceilings want lower profile furniture.  Higher ceilings want taller furniture.  Unsure how the flow will be?  Low’s has brown paper in large rolls to make templates of the exact size furniture and using painters tape you can lay it out in the space to ensure the flow will be perfect!
  9. Make sure the furniture fits through every threshold it will pass, including stairs and rooms that don’t have a wide-angle into the space.  Always take the measurements and make the trek the furniture will make to ensure it fits through every threshold. 
  10. This tip is more of an opinion.  Paint is a wonderful way to freshen up a space….to create a space that flows beautifully, try to use one color throughout the main areas, or at least different values of the same color.  (Value is the lightness or darkness of a color)  This keeps the space from feeling choppy.

There you have it.  It doesn’t cover every single aspect but this list goes a long way in helping you have a WILDLY successful renovation!  🙂

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