How to Pick the Best Rug for your Home


Oh man, having the right rug for your room is so important for a cohesive look!  It is generally the first thing I like to start with so it sets the tone.  You can then pull your colors from the colors in the rug.  I love natural fibers like sisal or Jute for casual elegance.  Silk and wool are both natural fibers that are lovely for more formal/dressier spaces.  I steer clear of Viscose (a synthetic material designed to have the sheen of silk) because it is a nightmare to deal with when it gets wet. I have put together some tips for making sure you get it right because it can be confusing and overwhelming!!  Happy hunting…..:)

  1. Size MATTERS! The bigger the rug in the space the bigger and more cohesive the space feels.  The size will depend on the flow you want for the room. The size also depends on the size of your furniture.  For instance a dining or breakfast table.   Make sure the table and chairs fit with 2’ on each end to pull the dining chairs out. To make that conversion easily, a 5’ square table would be perfect with a 9’ square rug.  This allows for the chairs to have room to be pulled out appropriately. I love a sisal rug that is custom cut to the space, however, that is not always available.  Having furniture sitting all the way on the rug is ideal. 
  2. I generally like to start with the rug for inspiration color.  This is a good plan….its easier to pick the rug and match to it than to pick everything else and then try to find a rug to pull it all together.  The rug sets the tone for the space and also grounds the room!
  3. Did you know rugs have a light and dark side?  Well, they do!  Check to make sure you like the rug from both sides because it can be a very dramatic change.  This is due to the direction of the fibers so it can be dramatic with silk and even wool rugs.  I am a natural light, sunshine kind of girl so I usually prefer having the light side face the direction you will see most but that is, of course, a personal preference.
  4. The material also matters!  I like natural fibers like wool, silk, and sisal.   I mostly prefer wool because it is hardy and easy to clean.  A wool and silk combination is beautiful but can be expensive to clean.  Natural fiber rugs are fun and so so versatile, they are not the easiest to clean if you have a spill but will wear very well and day to day dirt does not show very easily.  Having said all of that, Wool for the dining area, wool and silk maybe for the Master suite and sisal for the casual family room (just be cautious with red wine)
  5. Rugs are the perfect way to define a space.  Have a large, open room and want to define each space?  You can do that easily with rugs! One large rug for the living and one for the dining area.  Have a small oddly shaped space?  This might be the perfect time for a custom cut sisal to make the space feel bigger and cohesive.

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